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The future
of manufacturing
in composites.


Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)


Tape :


- Up to 1 inch

  (Customized tape applicateur  

   width possible)


Material :


- Dry fiber

- Prepreg

- Thermoplastic


Speed :


- Prepreg : 1 m/sec

- Dry Fiber : 500 mm/sec

- Thermoplastic : 250 mm/sec

The plug-and-produce installation methodology promotes same day installation and calibration. 

The AFP-XS utilizes the robots parent code, resulting in a minimal learning curve. This allows the ends-user to begin producing parts upon installation. 

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Technical specifications 

High quality, repeatedly

  • Gaps less than 2mm, without overlaps

  • Pass beginning and ending within +/- 2.5mm

  • Speeds up to 1 m/s

Compact & Versatile

  • Small size

  • 16.5 kg weight

  • Mounts to a wider range of robots 

  • Dismount easily, experience robotic freedom

One tool, many applications

  • Space: Dish antennas and satellite structures

  • Auto: door panels and spoilers

  • Marine: hydrofoils and masts

  • Sports: Snowboards and paddles


  • Matrix: thermoset, thermoplastic, dry

  • Fiber: carbon, glass, natural

  • Heater: IR, humm3, laser, hot air

Compatible with

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